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Zohar on Krias Yam Suf

Interesting, I tried working on the Zohar Brich Shmei, which we say by Ptichas HaAron, and I could not find one word in the Ariza”l, Rama”k, Gr”a, Rama”z, Mikdash Melech, Leshem. Enjoy! 


Mazal Tov, we have finished the pirush on Shir HaShirim



Mazal Tov, we have finished Zohar Parasha Bereishis


We have verified that the csav yad is authentic!

We put all of the Rambans and Rabeinu Bechayas bederech Haemes and Kabbalah into one sefer!


Mazal Tov, we finished the Noschaos of Zohar Bereishis

We seem to have found a new csav yad of Rav Chaim Vital in his notes on the Zohar!


Beezras Hashem, a shiur has started near Mir on Tuesday’s 2-3 in Klach Pitchei HeChochma, and on Friday morning 11:30-12:30 in Daas Tevunos

Mazal Tov, we just finished the hakdama of the Zohar, enjoy!

Mazal Tov, we just finished the first draft of Tikunei Zohar until Tikun Lamed Beis.

We are looking to receive feedback from people who used the sefarim, to post which sefer and how they helped you, please respond below.


We are nearing the end of Zohar Bereishis, whoever can help us find the mekor for the Hashmatos, please help, I found some, but here is a list of those I did not find a source for.