Siach Yitzchak

Drashos of Rav Isaac Haver (a talmid of a talmid of the Gr”a) one of the only Talmidim of the beis medrash of the Gr”a who wrote, and one of the one sefarim from the Dor of the Ktzos HaHoshen to write a Mussar Sefer.

Rabbi Lifschitz’s works based on Shiurim he delivered to a group of Avrechim at the Mirrer Yeshiva on prayer matters, which includes 17 shiurim on prayer as a whole, 35 shiurim to explain each and every part of prayer, and every word of the Shmonei Esrei, 7 shiurim on Birchas HaNehenin, and Birchas HaTorah, 11 shiurim on the Tefillos of Yamim Noraim and Teshuva.