How Sifrei Meir Panim was born.

In fact, it never occurred to me that I would write sefarim, especially not such sefarim. I was blessed to sit and study Gemara as much as possible, although I did get in touch with some of the great Baalei Machshava (Rav Moshe Shapiro z”l and others). About the year 2004, I started Havrusa once a week to study Kabbala (for the first time in my life), and we learned Leshem, and after a few years we moved on to another sefer, and then in 2008 we began to study Pitchei Shearim. It was very difficult and a little frustrating, and then for a while we worked on Shaar Arich, and just that day I got to enter the Shiur of Rabbi A”S on the explanation of the Gr”a on Safra, and all his lesson on the Gra”s words turned out to be exactly on the same issue we had difficulty in the Pitchei Shearim. And all of a sudden, I realized that all of Pitchei’s words there did not come but to explain the Gra”s, and it continued in this way for several weeks, which we have always found that the Pitchei came to clarify the Gr”a, and knowing what was said in the Gr”s was very helpful in understanding the Pitchei. That is why I have endeavored to note any speech from the Gr”a on Safra that is evident in the words of the Pitchei. And I went to the Hebrew University and took a copy of the manuscript (on a whim) and went through it and made many corrections, and worked a lot on the appearance of the sources and punctuation and searched for each chapter the corresponding need for it in the Eitz Chaim, and Thank the one above, I found myself with a really complete book [To date, there have been three prints of the Pitchei Shearim a total of about two thousand books], and the first printing came out of the printing press on Tevet 2002 with the help of several generous donors together. And blessedly, in their merit the sefer is being used [and, as a friend said, “you published it and took it from the grave ”].

And since I already had the sources in Pitchei where the Gr”a speaks, I began to toil over the Gr”a’s pirush on the Safra, to embed everything in Pitchei that explains his words, slightly more than 500 places in which the Rav Isaac explains the GRA’s commentary on the Safra. To this I added the notes of the Leshem (over 600) that he wrote on his Leshem, and I added 450 other places from the Leshem’s sefarim, and even here I worked on the appearance of mekoros and punctuation, etc., and suddenly came out a new complete book for all of Clal yisrael.

And while I was studying, I had great difficulty as the GRA indicates in many places to Idras Rabba and Idra Zuta (over 1000), and I did not have a properly annotated Idra, as all the Idras that had been printed by then were explained according to the Ariza”l, therefore, I tried to write a commentary on the Idrah, which is compiled from the commentaries on the Beit Olamim of Rav Isaac (on Idra Rabba) and the Mayim Adirim of Rav Mendel of Shklov (on Idra Zuta), And suddenly another whole book came out. And they were both published together in Sivan 5777 in memory of Eliyahu Ben R. Haim Dov.

I was at the Beis Midrash with some friends, and I asked them in idle words, “Would it help you to have the Leshem with punctuation and Mekoros, and Hearos, and a Kitzur and they said out loud, “done”! That is why I also started working on the books of the Leshem.

Around this time, I started to glance at the Nefesh HaChaim and added a little here and there, and finally a whole book came out.

When Pitchei ran out of the market, I added Maphtechos to it, and published Elul 5769 in memory of  Ella, daughter of Rabbi Haim Yitzhak.

In Shvat 2015, I published the HaKadosh of the Leshem with the help of Rabbi Yechezkel Hartman of Lawrence, and a dear Jew who loves the words of the Leshem of Lakewood, and in memory of Rabbi Shlomo Klonimus son of Rabbi Shaul Elchanan Bachrach.

In 2008, a friend of mine said he wanted to study Eitz Chaim together, and we tried. And every few lines were difficult things to understand, and we were in the beit midrash with the books of Hevrat Ahavat Shalom, so I originally checked, and saw a great benefit from it, so I started working on the Nusach. And I told my friend that there was a Leshem here who said something like that, and he wanted to see inside, so I started to bring all the words of Leshem in short, as well as the words of the Pitchei, and suddenly a new book was born and was published in the Nissan 2015, by my havrusa Reb Shimon Ketner, Shlit”a of Lakewood.

I continued to work on the words of the Leshem, and on Tevet 5767, I published Deah Aleph in memory of Rabbi Shlomo Klonimus son of Rabbi Shaul Elchanan Bachrach, and Meir HaNefesh (on the Nefesh HaChaim) in memory of Yosef Ben Yechiel, Esther Bat David, Shmuel Ben Yosef and Leah bas Avraham.

In Sivan, I published the HaKadosh of the Leshem and the Shaar HaPoneh Kadim Sivan 5770 in memory of Rabbi Shlomo Klonimus ben Rabbi Shaul Elhanan Bachrach.

In Elul 5768, I published a Eitz Chaim with Likutei Nuschaos the Glenner edition in memory of Avraham David and Friedel Glenner, by Rabbi Yaakov Glenner of Chicago.

In Shvat 2018, I published the Deah Beis in memory of Rabbi Shlomo Klonimus ben Rabbi Shaul Elchanan Bachrach, and in memory of Sarah the daughter of Rabbi Chaim Yehuda Leib by my Havrusa Reb Israel M. M. Shlit”a.

At the end of 2018, the Pitchei ran out of the market, and at the same time, I was one contacted by one of the descendants of Rav Isaac, who called me and told me “I have a cousin in the US, who has the manuscript, would you like it?” I jumped “of course” and took, and repaired hundreds of repairs (over 100 repairs that I corrected in my first pritning comments turned out to be correct), and we republished, and another grandson’s grandson donated the money, and this was published in Elul 2018 by the Frager family.

At the end of Elul 5765 I glanced at the Ramchal on the Derech HaShem and saw that I had a lot to add as sources to his words, and published another book again, and was published in the Hebrew language by my Havrusa, Reb Israel M. M., Shlita.

The Shiach Yitzhak of the Rav Isaac was published in Elul 5768 in memory of Yosef Ben Yechiel and his wife Esther bas David Shmuel ben Yosef and his wife Leah bas Avraham.

In the Cheshva 5768, I published the Leshem Biurim Aleph, donated by my friend, Reb Shimon Ketner, of Lakewood, as well as the Meir HaEitz on the Eitz Chaim helek beis of the Kettner edition by my Havrusa Reb Shimon Ketner Shlita of Lakewood, as well as Shaari Ora by my Havrusa Reb Israel M. M. Shlit”a in memory of Sarah Bas Rabbi Chaim Yehuda, and Chumash (Bereishis) Eidus Neemana in memory of Aharon Ben Mordechai Shmeller.

And Shmos of Eidus Neemana came out in Teves the same year.