The books illuminate all the subject matter he learns, with clever comments and comparative comparisons with considerable annotations. In some of the comments, a new note opens that, without him it would be impossible to understand. Yeshar Koach to Rabbi Lifschitz for his tremendous work (E. D. an Avrech from Lakewood).

Rabbi  Yehoshua Shlita broke a new path by compiling Kabbalah books that have so far been difficult to study because of the old print and lack of sources and notes, and he has opened the possibility for learners to taste Eitz HaChaim, both fancy and new, both in clear print, comments and annotations, and in Girsaous etc., it is like new, Yehi Razon, that he will go on in his wonderful work to increase Torah and glorify the name of Hashem, Bivracha (Shmuel Nussbaum – Yerushalayim).

An unspoken part of the challenge of learning is the constant possibility that there’s a girsa problem in the text being learned. The Meir Panim series provides asylum from this concern. The seforim are precision pieces. Rabbi Lifschitz has applied his meticulousness to benefit us all. He deserves our support and our appreciation. (Rabbi Noam Kahana – Yerushalyim)