We revised the nusach according to the first defus (Mantua) with the Glosses of Ariza”l (Derech Emes), as well as according to the wording that was in the hands of Rav Chaim Vital (Defus Kushta print), and we added mekoros for verses, and we intend to make an index for verses and Chazal. We have translated the Zohar into Hebrew with punctuation without the addition of an explanation, thus there will be no disadvantage of Megale Sod, and it will also make it easier to get used to the Zohar language. In the footnotes we printed all the notes that were printed in Vilna. They are: the notes of Rav Chaim Vital, the notes of the Shl”a, the Hid”a, and the notes of the Zohar commentary taken from the Kushta defus, and the glosses of the great Chassidic Rebbes ( “Shivivei Noga”). We also added the notes of the Leshem, and all the crossreferences in Zohar from the Vilna print. In addition, we noted everywhere that the Ariza”l, Gr”t, Rav Isaac Haver and the Leshem speak of the Zohar. And we also tried to put as much as possible into the words of the Ariza”l (Shaar Mamarei Rashvi) and the Gr”a (Yahel Or) and the Mikdash Melech (Rav Shalom Buzaglo – the most used pirush on the Zohar), as the place remained. And all this we tried to put into the frame of the “Tzuras hadaf ” (i.e. every page of the Zohar will be printed in our edition exactly in  two pages), so that it is easy to find the text according to the usual source.